Event License — Seven Days in Utopia

Event License — Seven Days in Utopia

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*Available & Valid Worldwide. Seven Days in Utopia's Event License includes what you need to legally show the movie officially at your home, church, or organization.

The Home Event License is appropriate for personal small groups (not family viewings, but more official/planned screenings) or bigger personal screenings. The other sizes are appropriate for larger events or churches with average attendance of varying size. We work on the honor system over here! :)

Important Details:

  • Includes annual Seven Days in Utopia License for 1 location (unlimited showings)
  • Does NOT include DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital Copy. Please buy separately or use a copy you already own.
  • Provisions include not charging admission ("love offering" allowed) and no editing, duplicating, or broadcasting the film (no Zoom broadcasts).

QUESTIONS? Please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!