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Camp Manna & Small Group - DVD 2-Pack

Camp Manna & Small Group - DVD 2-Pack

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Camp Manna - DVD
A stylistic throwback to the summer camp films of the 80s and 90s, CAMP MANNA is the story of a Christian camp turned upside-down by the arrival of the wayward “new kid,” 15-year-old Ian Fletcher. CAMP MANNA blends hilarious comedy with loving nostalgia. This “satire with soul” reminds us that sometimes getting to the heart of our faith is best told with laughter.

Starring Gary Busey, Jimmy Tatro, and Joey Morgan.


Small Group - DVD
A filmmaker and his wife move across the country to make a documentary about Christianity's decline. To "pull back the curtain," they use a hidden camera and go undercover at a local small group. As their relationship with the group grows, negative assumptions about Christian people and the Church break down, putting them in an awkward position. How will their new friends respond when the truth is revealed?