Ocean Avenue Entertainment announces the premier of THE PURSUIT on Netflix in North America and India. An AEI documentary, follows Arthur Brooks around the globe. THE PURSUIT persuasivley shows viewers the overwhelmingly positive influence democratic capitalism has had on the world. But it’s not tendentious or sermonizing. The setting is more Bond film than lecture hall, jetting between set pieces in the teeming streets of Mumbai, the comfortable rowhouses of Copenhagen, and the Dalai Lama’s Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan foothills, featuring interviews with anti-capitalist street protestors in Barcelona and left-behind coal miners in Kentucky along the way. The picture it paints of global capitalism isn’t Pollyannaish, but one of steady material betterment — progress that could stall out if we forget what brought it about in the first place.

THE PURSUIT is available to stream on Netflix and for purchase on iTunes. Released earlier this year, it was a 2019 Official Selection for the Dallas International Film Festival, the Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Mountainfilm documentary festival.