THE HEART OF MAN & VICTOR Get Theatrical Release in France

Granite Bay, CA October 31, 2018 — Ocean Avenue Entertainment announces the upcoming theatrical release of THE HEART OF MAN and VICTOR in France through Saje Distribution. This marks the first time a film distributed by Ocean Avenue will be released theatrically in France.

For independent filmmakers today, it is imperative to secure distribution on as many platforms and territories as possible. Ocean Avenue negotiated the release of both of these films earlier on Netflix, which represents the widest possible audience for a film here in North America. In addition to Netflix, platforms like iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu and especially DVD will help a film expand its audience. In France, where Netflix is not as widely viewed, a theatrical and subsequent home video release are key to the overall success of a film.

Therefore, Ocean Avenue Entertainment is committed to a distribution strategy that can reach the widest possible audience here in North America and throughout the world.