Ocean Avenue Entertainment announces the premier of FAITH, HOPE & LOVE on Netflix in North American, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on February 4, 2020. According to film critic Jackie Cooper, “FAITH, HOPE & LOVE will dance its way into your heart.” He goes on…”When is the last time you saw a romantic comedy that was faith based? I don’t remember one. Usually faith based movies tend toward the more dramatic aspects of life. However, the new movie “Faith, Hope & Love” is a rom-com pure and simple and it delivers strong entertainment of that kind with an undertone of a Christian message.
This film operates on surprises. Who would have thought a Christian rom-com could be so entertaining. Who could have imagined Murgatroyd and Krantz could be so talented and charming. Who should have believed all the pieces would fit together so perfectly. Looking for the secret ingredient, well I guess it took a little faith, hope and love to bring this all together so successfully.